Backend Development with Node.js:

Backend Development is a crucial aspect of web development responsible for creating the behind-the-scenes functionality that powers websites and web applications. Here are some introductory points to understand about the field of Backend Development

Course Module
  • Basics of JavaScript.
  • Introduction to Node.js.
  • Basics of Asynchronous Programming.
  • Core Node.js Modules.
  • NPM and External Modules.
  • Express js Framework.
  • Restful API Design with Express.
  • Integration of Database with API.
  • Authentication and authorization.
  • Error Handling and Logging.
  • Unit and Integration Testing.
  • Performance Optimization.
  • Deployment.
  • Practice Project.
  • Live Project.
Benifits of Our Course
  • 100% Placement assistance.
  • Hands on experience on tools.
  • Both online & offline mode.
  • Working on live project.
  • Google & HubSpot certified trainer.
  • 10+ Google & Semrush Certifications.
  • 3 month. (To be extended if required)
  • 2 days in week.
  • Rs 15000
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